The offer

On iizituts, I try my best to share unique and original content for JavaScript developers.

Oh! Who am I?

I am basically a Software Engineer, yet I am interested mainly in building good things using JavaScript. In fact, JavaScript became my weakness after being one of my biggest nightmares ever back in the time (Yes, I know! I was missing out on a lot of potential. I hated JavaScript so much for no good reason to be honest -_-). So, I have created this blog to show the world how much wrong was I !

By the way, I come somewhere from the largest country in Africa, which is Algeria. Besides the fact of being a JavaScript dude, I am an athletic person. I am a soccer player, a martial arts practitioner, and someone who’s into bodyweight training.

Anyway, if you’d like me to tell you more boring stuff, have a question, or maybe you have something to offer me…DM me on Linkedin. I’d be happy to get in touch with you 😉

Enjoy 🙂